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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Registration and New Class Schedule

Hello Everyone,

As hard to believe as it may seem, it is a little over one month until registration begins for the new THESIS school year!

In an effort to make teaching -- and learning -- easier for everyone, we have split up the younger classes, once again.

This year, kindergarten will be a group by itself, as well as first grade. These will be groups A and B, respectively. Then group C will be grades 2-3, group D will be grades 4-5, group E will be grades 6-8 (middle school) and then grades 9-12 will be group F.

Another thing we did this year is split up the classes for the middle school grades, group E. Instead of two 1-hour classes, they will have three 40 minute classes, like the lower grades. High schoolers will still have two 1-hour classes.

Here is the proposed schedule for the new year:

Preschool classes will be held this year, and helpers are needed. Details will be provided at the registration meeting on Tuesday, August 14th.

***Please note -- preschool is available only to those younger children whose older siblings are in one of the following groups:

Group A -- Kindergarten

1:00 -- Gym (Janine Tomko)
1:40 -- Art  (curriculum can be provided, teachers needed)
2:20 -- Science (Jessica Peterman, co-teacher needed)

Group B -- 1st Grade

1:00 - Sign Language (Shannon Jackson, 1st semester)  Math Fun (Allison Horne, 2nd semester) 
1:40 -- Gym (Helen Gregor or Kelly Higgins)
2:20 -- Art w/ the Masters (Liz DeRoos & Albani St. Martin Brown)

Group C -- 2-3 Grades

1:00 -- Lego Show & Tell (Charli Utt, Tracey Moore & Jen Cogar 1st semester)
            Irresponsible Science (C. Utt, T. Moore & Jen Cogar, 2nd semester)
1:40 -- Money Sense (Selena Campbell, co-teacher needed)
2:20 -- Gym (Kelley Higgins or Helen Gregor)

Group D -- 4-5 Grades

1:00 -- Gym in the NEW Gym ( teacher needed)
1:40 -- Learning about Elections (1st semester)  (Heather Sprenger, co-teacher needed)
            Science & Art Unit Studies (?)  (Heather Sprenger, co-teacher needed)
2:20 -- Money Sense (Selena Campbell, Angela Oxford)

Group E -- 6-8 (middle school) Grades

1:00 -- Public Speaking (Jessica Peterman, first semester, co-teacher needed)
            Mythbusters-type Science (J. Peterman, second semester, co-teacher needed)
1:40 -- West Virginia History (Liz DeRoos, co-teacher needed)
2:20 -- Boys' Gym (John Keener) / Girls' Gym (Melissa Hoskins)

Group F -- 9-12 (high school) Grades

1:00 -- Class subject (Debate class?) and teachers needed
2:00 -- Dissection (Charli Utt, Tracey Moore, Jen Cogar, 1st semester)
            Photography (Jessica Lueken, co-teacher needed, 2nd semester)

 (Yes, I will get this put into the table on our "Classes" tab whenever I can get my HTML coding and the blogger editor to cooperate!)

Please note that our registration is open until the class size limit of 25 is reached.

**If you are willing to help co-teach a class, please speak up! Our cooperative group only works when we all work together. Please prayerfully consider responding to one of the needs highlighted in blue in the schedule above. **

And, if you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining THESIS please be sure to attend the registration meeting in the fellowship hall at Trinity Assembly of God, on August 14th, at 12:30 for returning members and 2:00 for new members.

Questions? You can get our contact info by clicking here.

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