“All your children will be taught of the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace,” (Isaiah 54:13).

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Hello THESIS Families,

It's back to class this Friday, with a reminder to those test administrators and proctors attending the 12 noon meeting that we will meet in the classroom beside the cafe to go over testing notes and hand out manuals.

A couple of new field trips will have sign -ups available this Friday.  
1.  On Friday March 8, we will NOT hold classes, since many of us will have been involved in testing Tuesday through Thursday.  So instead, Trinity's kindly janitor, Mr. Kenny Walters, is offering us the use of his roller skating rink, Skate-Away from 12-3 that day.  For the special price of $1, skate rental included, you and your family can skate the afternoon away!  Concessions and pizza-by-the-slice available for purchase.
Skate-Away is located in Bellview, just on the north end of Fairmont.  

2.  On Tuesday April 2, Grades 5-8 students have a chance for an Aviation workshop at the NASA facility in the Technology Park.This workshop may be as long as 5 hours, if the weather cooperates for us to fly remotely controlled aircraft!  

See you this Friday!
Liz, for THESIS

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Field Trips Tomorrow and No Classes Friday

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Schedule, schmedule...we are doing things differently this week! Please note below, so you'll be in the know:

Field trips this Wednesday:  Yes, it is Wednesday, February 20th (tomorrow) that we are going to the Fairmont State Folklife Center (older students) and the Fairmont City fire station at the end of Adams Street (younger ones).

Both field trips are scheduled for 10:00 am, and you may drop off older students at FSU, go on to the fire station with your young ones, and then come back to FSU later. Parking can be an issue at FSU, so those who are able to carpool with each other, may want to do so. It is also possible to park on the road by Selena Campbell's house (near FSU) and carpool from there. If anyone would like to do that, please let her know.

No classes will be held this Friday to allow the resident artists and writers among us to prepare for displaying their prized works at our biennial Art and Literature Fair, which will begin at 7:00.

Questions? Click here for contact info.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Announcement — Valentine's Day Party tomorrow!

Valentine's day card going into a mailboxWe will have snacks served throughout classes tomorrow, for a day-late celebration of Valentine's Day. Please remember to bring your goodies that you signed up for last week. If you were absent, or didn't sign up for some other reason, don't worry about it. Just come and enjoy the fellowship and sweet treats tomorrow.

As a reminder, no peanuts or tree nuts are allowed in any snacks. If you make something that is gluten-free, please be sure to label it well. As usual, please feel free to bring a special snack for your child, if there are allergies or dietary restrictions.

***Also, don't forget to bring your box tops and put them in the Tomko mailbox folder tomorrow. Janine is sending them in soon! ***

See you tomorrow!

Homeschooling — Task or Relationship?

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When you make the choice to homeschool, life can become overwhelming rather quickly, especially if you enjoy being organized.

On top of being the Domestic Engineer in the house, now you are the Educator-in-Residence, and the demands on your time have possibly more than doubled. What to do?

Some of us who are task oriented—the ones who live by their schedules and to-do lists (and their contentment comes from how much they get done)—will tend to ramp up the output requirements, plowing through curriculum for the sake of getting it done because, after all, we bought it so we should use it, right? 

And then some of us who are relationship oriented will veer off topic if a child asks a question, and we can end up looking at so many different websites or books that it is hard to remember where we started and what the goal was in the first place—but we had fun together, didn’t we?

You can probably see issues with both sides of this coin. All of us, even the ones who struggle with organization, will have to get a grip on our days in some fashion, in order to survive. And all of us, even the ones who thrive on organization, will have to realize we can't do it all and some things will have to slide. And guess what? That is okay!

 “What things should I let go?” some of you may ask. That depends on you and your family.

Maybe you won’t wash the sheets on all the beds every week like you normally do; or maybe you eat breakfast for dinner some days; or maybe (gasp!) you buy your bread instead of making it. Whatever it is, choose something that doesn’t have eternal consequences (like leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight) and let it slide (so you can read to your kids before bedtime).

The biggest caution I would give is in an area where I struggle—treating your children’s education as another thing to accomplish during the day. This is where those who are task oriented can get bogged down and feel like they are failing their kids, simply because they didn’t finish what was on that day’s lesson plans.

You are not failing your kids! Your are not messing them up! Those are big fat lies from the enemy!

Your kids love you and they want your time and your focused attention. If you are in a rut and you feel like school is a hamster wheel—which is tempting when testing is around the corner—then shake up the routine.

Spend the day reading lots of books to your kids. Do some fun games that teach skills but don’t feel like learning. Make some crafts! If you hate messes, there are many paper crafts that you can do that don’t involve paints or glue. Put on a puppet show so they can act out something they’ve learned recently.

The best way to lean more heavily on the relationship scale is to slow down and spend time with your kids, on their level. Truly enjoy the time we have with them, before they are grown and gone. Thank God for their smiles, their messes, their fits. God has anointed us to help them to see His perspective, and in order to do that, we need to see it first.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Featured Book: Life Skills for Kids

Do you want to incorporate some life skills into your daily homeschool routine, but you don't know where to begin?  Are you determined that your children will be more prepared to face life than you were? Would you like to get your kids on a regular schedule of helping around the house? If so, you may want to check out this book.

Life Skills for Kids,  Equipping Your Child for the Real World, is chock-full of great topics like:

  • People Skills
  • Life Navigation
  • Time Organization
  • Money, Money, Money
  • Decision Making

. . . to name just a few of the fourteen chapters.

One of the quotes I like is:

"Responsibility is not the result of maturity, but the cause of it--and a major responsibility of parents is to teach responsibility," (page 14).

I will confess that I slacked off in this area a few years ago, due to some seriously chaotic times in our family's life, in an effort to ease the stress "burden" on my children. Ironically, I am reaping the not-so-fun consequences of that, and I wish I'd kept on keeping on.

It is never too late to begin teaching our kids to be responsible!  If you need some help or encouragement in this area, then take a look at this book. You can click here to buy a copy.

Friday, February 1, 2013

No THESIS Classes Today

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Good Morning!

If you looked out your window, you know we got some lovely snow last night!

I subscribed to school closings, and got the following alert in my email inbox this morning:

All schools in Marion County will be closed on 

Fri. Feb. 1, 2013 due to 
For information on school closings and delays in WV, visit: 
If you visit their site, you can subscribe to alerts, too.

Anytime that Marion County closes school, THESIS will also cancel co-op for that day.

Enjoy your wintry day off!