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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Important Dates of Upcoming Events


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having fun and not getting too sunburned, now that the freezing temperatures have finally subsided. Can you believe that we've already had the longest day of the year? Now we are winding down the sunlight, and I feel like fall is just around the corner.

In light of that, I thought you might like to know / have a reminder of  important upcoming dates:

June 30 Due date for end-of-year assessments. Your test results or portfolio evaluations must be to your county BOE by this date. Keep a copy for your records. It is highly recommend that you send these via certified mail with return receipt requested. If you prefer to deliver them in person, please be sure to get a written receipt. There have been cases where families have had to fight with school boards over issues arising because paperwork was lost. Keep your receipts and assessment copies together in a safe place.

July 6 Basic blogging workshop at 10:00 am in room E-K at Trinity. This is a free workshop, but it will help you to have your own laptop to work from. Only two people are currently signed up for this workshop! If you plan to attend, please email Selena Campbell at campbells(at)ma(dot)rr(dot)com, with "THESIS Blog Workshop" in the subject line.

July 13 Canning 101 with Charli Jo Utt,  Saturday, July 13. 9 am in kitchen at Trinity.  Cost $5.  Each participant is asked to bring 6 quart canning jars plus lids and rings.  Green beans will be provided, if ready, or carrots may be substituted.  You can can!

July 25 THESIS 2nd Annual "Christmas in July" Used Curriculum Sale in Fellowship hall. If you plan to sell, please send an email to Selena Campbell at campbells(at)ma(dot)rr(dot)com, with "THESIS Curriculum Sale," in the subject line, and indicate how many tables you need. (Only one person has said they are selling, so far.)

August 13 THESIS Registration for the 2013-2014 school year.  If you are a returning member, you will get info in the mail regarding registration. If you are a new member, and you have not provided us with your contact info, please do it now. Send an email to Liz DeRoos at liz.deroos(at)gmail(dot)com, with "THESIS Registration" in the subject line, and include your name and usps mailling address, and names/ages/grades of your children.

August 14 — Selena Campbell's birthday. Leave a nice comment on my blog. Or a present on my doorstep. Or cash in my mailbox. (ha. just kiddin'...I mean, it IS my birthday, I'm kidding about the gifts part...unless you really want to...)

August 17 —  CPR/First Aid Certification workshop from 9:00 am - 3:30ish, in room E-K at Trinity. Class size is limited to the first 15 who sign up. If you want to attend this class, please email Selena Campbell at campbells(at)ma(dot)rr(dot)com, with "THESIS CPR Workshop," in subject line. **Please note:  Childcare will not be provided for this workshop.**

August 30 THESIS Kick-Off Dinner.  Fun will be had by all. Yes, that is passive voice, for you editors out there.

September 6 THESIS First Day of Classes, which is all I'm going to say about that for now...

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