“All your children will be taught of the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace,” (Isaiah 54:13).

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WOW Factory Field Trip


A quick reminder about this week's upcoming WOW Factory Field Trip.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes early and wear "play clothes" for art fun.  Below is a list of confirmed time slots.

Thursday, December 4th

10:00am Families:


1:00pm Families:


Be ready to have an "Artastic" time,
Karyn Burns

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Union Misson Thanksgiving Collection

Dear THESIS Families,

Every year at our Historic Thanksgiving Feast we have either an educational program or a ministry activity.  This year we will be collecting items for the Union Mission in Fairmont.  The Women's Director there has let us know of the following needs:
  • shampoo, conditioner
  • body wash
  • diapers
  • feminine items
  • comforters
  • blankets
  • whatever else you wish to donate
We will be collecting these items on Friday November 21 at our Thanksgiving Feast which will begin at 12 noon in Trinity's Fellowship Hall.  Thank you, thank you!

Liz, for THESIS

New Field Trip Info {RSVPs included}

Please contact Karyn Burns, field trip coordinator, to RSVP for an event or to obtain additional information. 

Karyn Burns            

304.677.9843 (cell)
kaosx3 (at) ma (dot) rr (dot) com  

PA Trolley Museum:  Tuesday, November 18th 10:00am - 12:00pm

Cost:  $6.00 each  (paid by November 7th)

(lunch room available for brown bag picnic)

WOW Factory:  Thursday, December 4th  10:00am   OR   1:00pm

Cost:  Pre K - 8th   $5.50     High School:  $6.50  (pay by November 14th)


PreK - 2nd focus on primary and secondary colors while making ornaments
3rd - 8th focus on sculpture with scoring techniques and design
High School focus on glass fusing design and safety

Metropolitan Theater:  Wednesday, December 10th   10:00am

Cost:  $7.50 each  (pay by November 14th)

Mary Poppins Production
(educational material under 2014 Season Tab)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Historic Thanksgiving Celebration!


Come Ye, to Give Thanks

Hear ye, hear ye!
You and your household are invited to attend the observance of a Thanksgiving Feaste at high noon
on the twenty-first day of November
in the year of our LORD 1621.
We will gather in the Hall of Fellowship.
We celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this land and the abundant harvest which the LORD supplies.
Do come in your finest Pilgrim or Wampanoag attire, and do bring the best your hearth may supply for authentic* Thanksgiving fare.
Trenchers & large napkins will be supplied you.
Do linger after the feast for fellowship and wholesome recreation.
God be with you.

*Click here for some first Thanksgiving info.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Labels for Education

Did you know that THESIS collects Labels for Education

Formerly known as Campbell's Labels, they are now found on a wide variety of products, in addition to Campbell's soups. Click here for a list.

This month, they are offering 1 bonus point for every label we turn in! 

And since this program is for merchandise only, the more points we have, the better!

**Please bring your labels to THESIS by November 7th, so I have plenty of time to get them in by the deadline.**

Thank you!
Selena Campbell

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reminder :: No Classes This Friday!

Hopefully everyone is having a good week in spite of the gloomy, rainy weather. I don't mind it, but I'm looking forward to some sunshine.

Don't forget that we are NOT meeting for classes this Friday.

Instead, we have some fun field trips for you to enjoy. (Click here for more info about them.)

The Annual WVU Pumpkin Drop will be held in Morgantown, at the Engineering Building. There is no fee for this, and THESIS has some entries! Come out, if you aren't busy, and watch the falling pumpkins.

If you would rather be moving around instead of watching pumpkins, maybe you signed up for the trip to the WV Botanic Gardens. (Make sure you don't drink a lot of water before you go, because they don't have a bathroom! Yikes!)

Or, maybe you are just excited to have a sunny day off from THESIS, and you are planning to do your own thing . . . regardless, I hope you enjoy this Friday!

PLEASE NOTE:   Classes will resume the following Friday, October 31.

And yes, that is "Halloween." 

No, THESIS does not celebrate it

(nor does Trinity Assembly of God, the parent church of which THESIS is a ministry).

So, just a friendly reminder not to dress up in costumes of any kind. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Curious About Common Core?

Common Core Forum 

this coming Monday in Barboursville

featuring Jane Robbins and Emmett McGroaty 
of the American Principles Project in Washington D.C.

Senator Boley, among others, encourages interested homeschoolers to attend.

Event Info
Monday, October 20, 2014
6:00 P.M.
Holiday Inn, 3351 Rt. 60 E,  Barboursville


Thursday, September 25, 2014

THESIS Changes This Friday

Good Afternoon THESIS Families,

Are you looking forward to tomorrow's class day after a week off?  I am!  We have made a few changes to accommodate our "growing pains"...

Arriving:  Please DO come straight into Children's Church promptly by 12:45 for the Opening. A standing crowd by the doorway during Announcements & Opening makes it difficult for the younger classes to find their teacher and exit the room.

Checking In:  Parents, please remember to check your name off the attendance sheet on the counter.  This week too, please make any corrections and sign off on the draft copy of the THESIS Directory.

Field Trip Information:  Check out the new Field Trip Board for the latest in trips and their sign-up deadlines!  Pick up field trip info sheets and sign up on the counter.

Departures:  All 2:20 elementary classes will be led by their teachers back into Children's Church at 3.  This is a new procedure!  (Music class will be held in E-K tomorrow, and then in the Choir Room from now on.)

See you tomorrow!
Liz, for THESIS

Friday, September 19, 2014

WVU Outdoor Education Center Canopy Tour Ziplining

**RSVPs for this event are CLOSED**

When:  Friday, September 19, 2014, arrival time 12:45 p.m.
Where:  WVU Outdoor Education Center
Who:  Middle School & High School
What:  Ziplining event begins at 1:00 p.m.
Each tour takes 2 1/2 hours to complete.
  • 4 ziplines
  • A sky bridge
  • A rappel station

Each tour is guided by trained staff that will provide interpretive information about the University Forest.

To participate:
  • No experience necessary
  • You MUST weigh 70 lbs
  • You MUST have transporation
  • You MUST turn in $20 non-refundable deposit to Liz DeRoos by Friday Sept 12th
  • You MUST have parent/guardian complete BOTH sides and have ready the Participant Info Form
  • You MUST have parent/guardian read and sign release form on both sides
  • Bring remaining $20 on day of event

For Info only. RSVPs are closed.

NO CLASSES TODAY (Friday, Sept 19th)

There are NO CLASSES today for THESIS. (See calendar tab above for schedule.)

Those who have signed up for the WVU Outdoor Education Center Canopy Tour Ziplining can click here for information regarding today's field trip.

Everyone else, enjoy your free day!

See you next Friday for classes!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Laurel Caverns {Field Trip} -- RSVPs are closed


**RSVPs for this event are CLOSED**

When:  Saturday, September 27, 2014, 1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
WhereLaurel Caverns, Hopwood, PA
Who:  All ages
What:  Cave tour, Upper Cave Trip ( ages 9&up), Lower Cave Trip (ages 12&up).

Bring jackets. 
If participating in cave trips, bring hiking boots/hi-top shoes, two light sources, gloves, and a full change of clothes. Children not accompanied by a parent must have signed release form.

Cost:  Varies
For Info only. RSVPs are closed.

WV Botanic Gardens Nature Walk {New Field Trip}


**RSVP by October 10th** to Karyn Burns (304.677.9843)

When:  October 24, 2014, 10:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m WhereWV Botanic Gardens, Morgantown, WV
Who:  All ages
What:  "Seasons Change and So Do We." Take a nature walk with field journals and collection bags as we learn about autumn.

Bring a backpack, colored pencils, water bottle, tennis/hiking shoes, layering jackets, bag lunch, hand sanitizer & blanket.

Cost: $5.00 per child. Adults free.
**Please note - there is NO access to a public restroom at this event.

 Please mark your calendars and look for more info during class announcements and on this blog!

Marion County Historical Society Courthouse Tour {New Field Trip}


**RSVP by September 26th** to Karyn Burns (304.677.9843)

When:  October 8, 2014, 1:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m
Where:  Fairmont, WV

Who:  All ages

What:  Tour of County Sheriff's home and courthouse. Built around 1912. Rooms in the house represent different eras in U.S. history, with emphasis on West Virginia's contribution. 

Also touring local Telephone Museum.

Cost:  Donation

 Please mark your calendars and look for more info during class announcements and on this blog!

Tour of WVU Aquaculture Facility {New Field Trip}


**RSVP by October 3rd** to Karyn Burns (304.677.9843)

  • When:  October 13th  (Time TBD)
  • WhereWVU Aquaculture Facility (outside of  Morgantown, WV, directions TBA)
  • Who:  All ages
  • What:  Catch, pet, and feed fish, while learning about sustainability of water sources. See 3 foot long Atlantic Sturgeon and 4 lb hybrid bass. Taught/guided by a WVU professor and his students.

Please mark your calendars and look for more info during class announcements and on this blog!


(See below for current field trip info)

THESIS Field Trip Policy 2014-2015

Please read this policy carefully, and ask questions before making any field trip reservations. All questions and concerns about field trips should be directed to Karyn Burns, at 304.677.9843.

  • All THESIS families are welcome to attend any or all field trips.
  • All field trips will have a designated RSVP date.
  • Reservations will be confirmed when your deposit is received.
  • "FREE" field trips will require a refundable $10 family deposit.
  • Payments must be placed in an envelope with the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. Amount enclosed (Checks payable to: Karyn Burns)
  3. Name of Field Trip
  4. Number of reservations for said trip
  • After an RSVP date, deposits can be transferred to another THESIS family, but cannot be refunded.
  • Any reservation monies not used will be considered a donation to the field trip organization or the THESIS "field trip" scholarship fund.
  • All field trips will begin promptly. Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to sign in.
  • Please call or text any last minute attendance changes to Karyn Burns at 304.677.9843.


March 27: Friday, Skating at Skate-A-Way in Bellview (Fairmont). (No THESIS classes.)

April 8: Wednesday, "Beyond the Mask" movie showing at Hollywood Theatre in Granville (Morgantown) at 10:00 am. Click here for info, and to reserve seats. (Note: We still need to reserve several seats to secure this showing!)

April 29: WVU Farm Day, RSVP to Karyn Burns by April 17. Click here for info.

 May 1st:  Friday, Challenge Course (ages 12-18 only). Click here for details. Payment in full due to Liz DeRoos by April 17th.

Please contact Karyn Burns, field trip coordinator, to RSVP for an event or to obtain additional information (unless otherwise noted). 

Karyn Burns            
304.677.9843 (cell)
kaosx3 (at) ma (dot) rr (dot) com

In addition to this comprehensive list, and the calendar notation, each event listed will be linked to a blog post describing the event's details, if any are available.

Also, THESIS members who attend classes will be given reminders during announcements, and information (including directions, signups, costs, etc.) will be made available on the cafe counter at Trinity.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

THESIS Classes this Friday

Dear THESIS Families,

Last Friday was pretty exciting, don't you think?  Let's get ready to do it again!  Just a few reminders....

1.  Field Trip sign-ups!  Fall field trips are in place, and you will hear and see more about these tomorrow!  You are welcome to participate in as many as you wish.  Remember  that field trips and classes NEVER coincide.  For example, next Friday (Sept. 19) is the ziplining trip for older kids...we do not meet for classes.

2.  Speaking of ziplining, tomorrow is the sign-up and deposit deadline!  Make sure you get release forms from the counter if you are sending a kid, or are going yourself!

3. Remember:  athletic footwear; snacks (Pre-K and K) notebooks (MS and HS).

4.  Lastly,  with groups come contagious illnesses.  If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.  Phone/text/ask the assistant in the time slot beside yours to cover your job for you that day.  You know she will need to ask you eventually as well!  You should have received a most current copy of the schedule via email.

See you tomorrow!
Liz, for THESIS

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to Classes THIS FRIDAY (Sept 5)

Hello THESIS Families,

It is that time of year...time to load up the kids in the car, van, or truck and head to THESIS this Friday!  But before you do, please read a few reminders, and be sure to print out a copy of the assistant schedule for yourself! (a downloadable link is coming, but you got this attachment in email, also)

1.  Park and enter by the Main Entrance.  Announcements begin promptly at 12:45 pm in the Children's Church.  Please be in that room, along with all students!

2.  All kids up through eighth grade have an active class like gym--closed-toe athletic footwear is a must.  Feel free to send a water bottle--but only filled with water, please.

3.  Pre-K and Kindergarten students have a snack break, so remember to pack that young one a healthy snack (avoiding the peanut butter)!

4.  Parents with nursery and pre-K children...please be sure to leave your cell phone number with the teachers in those classes, just in case.

5.  All parents, please check in with the attendance folder on the cafe counter.  Also peek in your "mailbox" weekly.

6.  Field trip info will all be on the cafe counter; some sign-ups have deadlines and possibly deposits.

7.  Assistants!  Our group  exists on the co-operative spirit and God's grace!  But seriously, if you cannot make it of a Friday, you leave a class without its complement of adults.  Look at the names to the left and to the right  of your slot on the Assistant Schedule and call  one of them to cover your slot that day as well as theirs.  They will do the same for you. :)
See you this Friday! Questions? Contact us.

Monday, August 25, 2014

THESIS Back 2 School Kick-off

Bring your whole family out to the 
THESIS Back 2 School Pizza Kick-Off Dinner this 
Friday August 29
 6 pm Trinity's Fellowship Hall! 
 Pizza and beverages provided. 
 Families A-L please bring side dish  to share.
 Families M-Z please bring dessert to share.
Fun scavenger hunt for the kids!
 "Make new friends, 
and keep the old.
 One is silver,
 and the other gold."