“All your children will be taught of the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace,” (Isaiah 54:13).

Friday, September 21, 2012

Basketball Opportunity

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Heritage Christian School, in Bridgeport, WV is looking for some middle school boys (grades 6-8), to play on their basketball team.

If you are interested, please contact Kathy Keener by phone at 304.476.0157 or by email at:


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday Reminders

Dear THESIS Families, 
Please remember for tomorrow:
1.  Children please wear gym shoes and bring water for gym. 
The weather is supposed to be nice!
2.  Please check the cafe counter when you get there 
           --Families need to sign-in (we are recording 
           --Check your family mailbox folder to see what's 
           --The draft membership directory will be out. Please 
              check your entry for accuracy and mark an "OK" 
              beside your name when done. 
           --Check out field trip and other sign-ups, to be sure 
              you don't miss out on anything. 
3.  If you have them to loan, please bring in magnifying 
     glasses for the kindergarten class to use. Label them with
     your name, and you can leave them on the counter. 
4.  For next week, the Irresponsible Science class is looking 
     for empty, clean coffee cans, metal or plastic, as long as 
     they have the lids.  Recycling at its best! 
5.  Bring in your Boxtops for Education tomorrow! They will 
     be turned in at the end of this month. Place them in a 
     baggie or envelope and put them in Janine Tomko's 
     mailbox folder (on the cafe counter).
And don't forget to be in the Kidz Church room by 
12:45 p.m., for weekly announcements.
See you then!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tomorrow -- First Day of Co-op Classes!

Dear THESIS Families, 
Tomorrow will be an exciting day!  Just a few reminders... 
Park and enter by the Main Entrance.  We will meet in the Children's Church area 
to go over announcements and rules at 12:45 pm. 
All children should wear athletic shoes for gym.  Feel free to send a water 
bottle with your child for gym.  No other beverages, please. 
Kindergarteners please bring your labeled snack and set it on the cart by the 
**Please do not send any form of peanuts or peanut butter with your child, even if your child
can eat it. There are children in our group with severe peanut allergies.**
See you tomorrow! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Junior High WV History Class -- Can you help?

Dear Families of Junior High students,

It is my pleasure to delve into West Virginia History with your kids and mine
this year!  I have learned a few things about my adopted state, and I will know a whole lot more when we finish this course.  We all will!

Here's how I could use some help:  Do you or yours have any stories about life in West Virginia that could be shared with the students?  Farming, coal mining, growing up stories that may be in your family history may seem commonplace to you but would really enhance our class time.  Please consider coming in to share anything West Virginian with this class!

Another way to help: please send in the research report your child did last year in writing class.  I would like to have these shared aloud with the class. 

Lastly, on Friday September 7, Coal Country Mini-Golf is open at 3 pm and is
giving us $1 off admission to play after our THESIS day.  If you have not played here, you'll like that every hole is constructed from coal mining equipment! This will be a fun way to kick off our class! 

Liz DeRoos, for THESIS